Pulled Pork and Tunes on Route 66

Pulled Pork and Tunes on Route 66


Famous Route 66 runs through Williams, Arizona.  While on a quick getaway from the heat, staying at the Railside RV Park, Mike and I had a chance to check out this little stretch of history and grab a bite outdoors while listening to live music.


Cruisers Cafe 66 is probably nice inside, but we couldn’t say.  With Meeko and Sadie in tow, we took full advantage of the outdoor dog-friendly patio.  A lone musician with a guitar and his own canine companion serenaded us during our meal.  One song he played, “Treetop Flyer” by Stephen Stills, really resonated with Mike since he’s a pilot.  He’d never heard it before and downloaded it to his iPhone on the spot.  The food was satisfying, the music was nice, and the dogs were well-behaved.  It was a good time.





The coleslaw had apple slices and walnuts!





I have no idea if the pizza is any good, but the slogan is terrific!


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  2. I’ve loved “Treetop Flyer” for years… From the first time I’d heard it.

    As for dinner in the patio, what more do you need? Food, music, fresh air and the ones you love… Sounds perfect!

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