OCR for dogs

OCR for dogs


I’m a huge fan of obstacle races (Tough Mudder, Spartan Sprint, Warrior Dash, and more).  So I was delighted to discover that the dog run at the KOA in Laramie, Wyoming, where we stopped to visit family and friends, was actually an obstacle course for the bark babies!


We’d never worked with dogs and obstacles, but we figured Meeko would do well since he’s our little athlete.  He was more challenging than we thought because he was easily distracted and kept running around the obstacles. Sneaky! After a while, though, smart boy that he is, he realized that he’d only get the treat if he jumped.  Then he started jumping with gusto.  We were so proud!


Sadie, our darling diva, even did well on the small teeter totter.  I wish we’d had more time to train with them.   We might have been able to do a full circuit one day…after a few months! 🙂


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