Getting our sea legs

Getting our sea legs


Our last day with Grant, Barbie and Catie was spent on the water.  We motored down to Fort Monroe, about 40 minutes from our campground in Williamsburg, and boarded Grant’s boat, “Hedonist”.  After lunch, we headed out.  The weather was lovely.  We had fair winds and following seas, making for a relaxed, smooth ride, ideal for Mike’s first time on a sailboat.  Catie and Barbie whipped up magical Painkillers in the galley, and we sipped and chatted while cruising by one of the largest naval shipyards in the world.  Returning to the slip was rougher.  Even having taken my travel sickness pill, I was queasy, so I was relieved when we docked.  After some more conversation and lots of hugs all around, we bid a bittersweet goodbye.  Our visit had been more wonderful than we ever anticipated.  We were looking forward to moving on to D.C., but we were sad to leave our newly rediscovered family.






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