Plane spotting

Plane spotting


Forget people watching.  Plane watching is the way to go!  Especially if there’re friends involved.  Oh, and food, too.  Midfield Cafe had it all when we met up with some pilot pals at the small restaurant situated right on the runway at Nashua Airport.


The food at Midfield is filling diner fare, and the staff welcomes you like you’re family.  I’m sure it helps to be dining with locals.  🙂  Feel free to linger over coffee and conversation.  But be prepared to stop everything when a cool plane floats by the window.  You might see a banner tower, dipping down to pick up a length of signage.  Or, you might see a helicopter hovering neatly over the field.   And in the fall, you’ll see it all against a gorgeous backdrop of trees painted with leaves in vibrant orange and yellow.


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