Touring with Project LiveWire: Springfield, MO

Touring with Project LiveWire: Springfield, MO


After a whirlwind day in Chicago and a stop at Doc’s dealership outside St. Louis, we were headed toward Oklahoma City. Since we were spending the night in Springfield, Missouri, we reached out to our friends John and Sandy to see if they could meet us for a late dinner. Mike met them years ago when they were traveling Dyno operators. Good, good people. They live in Joplin, about 45 minutes away, but they made the trip. We had dinner at the Travel America restaurant with them and the semi truck driver John. The food was so-so, but the company was terrific. I’m still amazed by how many wonderful people we get to see all over the country.

It wasn’t the prettiest truck stop. The blacktop was extra cracked and spotted with even more oil than usual. The field adjacent to it, where we walked the dogs, was littered with trash where the pavement and the grass met.  But, in the morning light, the rolls of hay cast long shadows over the green, and I could almost imagine I was sipping from a steaming mug of coffee, looking out from the porch of a cozy farmhouse.



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