Touring with Project LiveWire: Albuquerque

Touring with Project LiveWire: Albuquerque


I’d never visited New Mexico, so I had high hopes that I might be able to explore a little bit while the dealer event was going on. Mike didn’t think he’d be needed once the bikes were unloaded, so when we pulled into the mall parking area adjacent to the dealership, I was excited. Just a few minutes to wait, and Mike and I could take off, maybe pop into a coffee shop or something. My excitement quickly turned to disappointment when Mike came back and announced that he’d have to be there for the entire meet-n-greet. It ended up that there were over 2,000 people there, so Mike needed to stay to talk about the bike.  I took the dogs on the walk around the business complex and sourly took a picture of my shoes by a manhole cover. This was, unfortunately, the extent of my sightseeing in Albuquerque.

We overnighted at the Route 66 Casino Hotel, a few miles outside of Albuquerque. With the flashing lights and the clang of the slot machines, I felt like I was back in Vegas again, and it cheered me up. I cheered up even more after we ate dinner at Thunder Road Steakhouse & Cantina. The ambiance was great, and the food was delicious. The place really set itself apart with the salsa bar. There was a black bean salsa, thick with beans and onions. I particularly liked the yellow salsa, although I didn’t have a clue what was in it. Not sure if the chips were homemade, but they were strong enough to hold the piles. For dinner, Mike and I shared a shredded beef taco plate. Yum!

I don’t like black coffee, but to finish up the meal, I had to try the Cafe de Oya: fresh pressed coffee with cinnamon and orange zest, served with biscochitos. I normally have to have my java all gooped up with some sort of non-fat milk and stevia or another zero-calorie sweetener. This brew was delicious without any cream or sugar. It didn’t come in decaf, so I brought most of it back to the RV to warm up the next morning. Mike’s dessert was the apple and cherry crisp a la mode. It was heavenly, but the maraschino cherries made it super sweet after a while. Mike, driver John and I shared tastes of it, but we still didn’t finish it.

After all that food, we were glad to have a rather long walk back to the truck and coach. We needed to burn off those calories!








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