Touring with Project LiveWire: Flagstaff

Touring with Project LiveWire: Flagstaff


After overnighting in Holbrook, Arizona, before we took off for the next leg, I rode the lift on the semi up top where the electric bikes were charging. It’s cool up there, but even I have to hunch over to get back the bikes, and I’m only 5’2″ and a half! There are metal bars that fit into slots along the walls to brace the bikes. They’re sturdy enough to sit on, so you can give your back a break.

The execs riding the LiveWires stopped in Winslow and by the meteor crater for photos while we went ahead to our meeting place in Flagstaff. We parked the RV across the lot from the semi and decided to grab lunch before everyone arrived. On our way to the restaurant in the Little America, we saw a very rare Airstream motorhome at the gas station. It was in great shape. Mike talked to the guy who owned it and found out that he’d replaced the 454 gas motor with a Cummins diesel engine. To be honest, I was a little envious of the Airstream. Our RV is nice, especially inside, but it’s in that awful middle ground between not being new and not being vintage. It’s just a little shabby on the outside without the Airstream’s retro flair. Oh well! We have plans to make the outside a little distinctive. 😉

The view from the restaurant was gorgeous! After the hectic first week of daily travel, looking out onto tree-lined walkways and seeing bunny rabbits dashing among the bushes was so refreshing. Mike and have been cutting down our expenses and calorie intake by sharing meals, so we split a hamburger. The waitress was awesome. She cut the burger for us and served each half on its own plate with a small side of fries and individual accompaniments. She didn’t even charge us a split fee!

When we got back, before the execs arrived, I had the chance to walk Sadie off the leash. The bark babies so rarely get off-leash time these days. Sadie loves to meander at her own pace and soak up the sun. She was digging the Arizona rays.

We spent that night at the Harley dealership in Bellemont. We had to get up at the crack of dawn to roll toward Kingman, but it was worth it to see the glorious sunrise.

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