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OCR for dogs

OCR for dogs


I’m a huge fan of obstacle races (Tough Mudder, Spartan Sprint, Warrior Dash, and more).  So I was delighted to discover that the dog run at the KOA in Laramie, Wyoming, where we stopped to visit family and friends, was actually an obstacle course for the bark babies!


We’d never worked with dogs and obstacles, but we figured Meeko would do well since he’s our little athlete.  He was more challenging than we thought because he was easily distracted and kept running around the obstacles. Sneaky! After a while, though, smart boy that he is, he realized that he’d only get the treat if he jumped.  Then he started jumping with gusto.  We were so proud!


Sadie, our darling diva, even did well on the small teeter totter.  I wish we’d had more time to train with them.   We might have been able to do a full circuit one day…after a few months! 🙂


Railside RV Ranch (Williams, Arizona)

Railside RV Ranch (Williams, Arizona)


The blistering heat was unescapable.  We had jumped from the Vegas frying pan into the Phoenix fire pit, because Mike was training the service techs at Buddy Stubbs Harley-Davidson.  At the end of the week, as we headed out of town toward home, worries about the coach’s a/c and a strong desire to cool down led to an unplanned stop in Williams, Arizona, at the Railside RV Ranch.

Pulling into the Railside, the first thing you see is the Covered Wagon Grill.  I immediately got excited, mouth watering at the thought of burgers and BBQ.  I had to wipe the drool off my face because the grill is an event venue for special shindigs only.  Bummer! Still, it gives the park a nifty wild west movie set feel.  The office, where you check in, is opposite the grill and is stocked with friendly staff and a few sundries.  There are plenty of pull-through spots with full hook-ups as well as a dumping station if you don’t want to stay.  The dog run is compartmentalized, so you can bring your cat on a leash, too, if you – and the cat – are so inclined.  If you’re wondering where the Railside RV Ranch got its name, look no further than the line of Grand Canyon Railway train cars adjacent to the park.  It’s a lovely view.

The town of Williams, located in the heart of the Kaibab National Forest at an elevation of 6,770 feet, is known as the Gateway to the Grand Canyon.  Besides train tours to the Grand Canyon, it has a lot to offer, including seven fishing lakes in the area, hiking trails up Bill Williams Mountain and into Sycamore Canyon, an alpine ski area, and cross country ski trails.  Unfortunately, we didn’t partake of any of those things during our brief one-night stay. Just not enough time.  We did, however, explore the charming downtown, enjoying a yummy meal and live music at Cruiser’s Cafe 66.

Our stop in Williams was a great break from the heat, and we hope to visit again when we have more time to spend.