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Morning Dog Walk at Burro Creek

Morning Dog Walk at Burro Creek


One of the best parts of boondocking at Burro Creek was taking the dogs on their morning walk. We have never seen Eliza, our Chiweenie, so excited! She was hopping from scent to scent like a jackrabbit, ears up, pulling at the leash. We couldn’t stop laughing.

Meeko, our Rat Terrier, and Penny, our Chihuahua, enjoyed it, too, but being older, they were more restrained. ūüėÄ

From the picnic area, you can follow a trail down to the creek. You start by descending a very cool stone staircase. Then, ease yourself (and your animals) through an opening in a barbed wire fence and follow the path to the creek.

I thought I was going to fall into a giant crevasse – until I realized that the creek was reflecting the cliff. The reflection is extraordinary!

We didn’t have much time to explore this time, but we’ll make sure we’ve got a few days on our next visit.

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More than a pretty path

More than a pretty path


While working Harley’s 110th anniversary, we stayed at the¬†Wisconsin State Fair RV Park.¬† That’s going to be our semi-regular home when we’re back¬†for Mike’s work¬†at H-D’s service school on Juneau Avenue.¬† We’ll be¬†in Milwaukee¬†once a month from October to March, and the State Fair is the only park open year-round.

The 110th fell over Labor Day, so all the plush spots at the park were full.  We had to move to the other side and essentially boondocked.  We did have electric, which was a plus because we needed the air conditioning.  It was still really hot in early September.


We were working long days on our feet and had to skimp on showers, but not everything was a challenge.  We found a charming walking path behind the Natural Resources building, just a few steps away from our rig.   Each night, we strolled with the bark babies, stretching our legs and theirs, letting the woody scents and bursts of color refresh us.  A lovely way to wind down from hectic days.