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Summer Art Camp

Summer Art Camp


There was an upside of the RV being broken down and having to return to Lake City to work on it.  I was able to attend the first day of Art Camp with my step-daughter Alicia.


Every year, Lake City does a weeklong art camp, one for kids and one for adults.  For the adults, every day covers a different medium.  For $10 per day, this year, you could learn about drawing, print making, painting, sculpting and weaving. Class was held in the Lake City School art room.  Martha Reyburn, our instructor, had us a little concerned when she started the class with a picture book about art.  Clearly, she teaches the kids classes, too. But, we quickly got down to business when Martha taught us how to make our own sketch books using just copy paper and a pair of scissors.


In addition to shading and contouring drawing, we also practiced lettering.  I went with my cowgirl nickname, Dixie.  Alicia is very artistic. I love how she made her “A” into strips of bacon.  Sign of a clever – and perhaps slightly demented? – mind. 🙂



Mike and I are planning to return to Lake City next year and stay for a while – on purpose, this time.  I hope we go during Art Camp so Alicia and I can do the full week together.