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Touring with Project LiveWire: Fountains and flowers at the truck stop in Goffs

Touring with Project LiveWire: Fountains and flowers at the truck stop in Goffs


We’re nearing the end of this stretch of the Project LiveWire tour as the execs finish riding down Route 66. We remain on the highway that roughly parallels the historic route. Because the LiveWire semi, with the charging stations and motorcycle parts, is 73 feet long, it can’t park just anywhere. So we spend a lot of time in truck stops, swapping bikes out and overnighting. Mostly we’ve been able to empty our tanks at the truck stops, but the Flying J dump station in Kingman was closed when we were there. We were full, so we had to find another place quick. That place turned out to be the Calizona RV Park, which was kind of en route to Barstow, where we’d be stopping for the night. They didn’t have a dump station, but the manager graciously led us to a full hook-up spot and charged us $10 to dump and replenish our fresh water.

It’s kind of a bummer that we’ve been confined to truck stops because we’re missing out on a lot of cool touristy stuff. But sometimes the truck stops are pretty cool themselves. Like the one off of I-40 near Goffs, California. Goffs was a famous Route 66 stop until 1931 when a more direct route between Needles and Essex made it obsolete. Now the one-time railroad town is practically deserted, but it remains a popular destination.

The truck stop catches your eye right as you drive in. Look to the right, and you’ll see a narrow man-made lake with fountains jetting streams of water high into the air. In a mix of classic and kitschy motifs, a couple of the fountains are bronze naked ladies in seashells, and one is a trio of flamingos. Concrete tables and benches look out over the water, and the tabletops are painted with colorful murals. One I saw was covered with pastel flavors; another was decorated like a pepperoni and mushroom pizza with a slice missing.

I loved the giant yellow letters spelling out GAS in the parking lot. No way you’re gonna miss that as you’re driving by! The convenience store at the stop includes a restaurant. Order from the cashier. If you don’t want to eat outside, your food will be delivered to one of the wrought iron tables next to a display of t-shirts and Jehovah’s Witnesses literature. Mike and I split a cheeseburger. They cut it in half for us, and it was well done, just like we asked. Fries are extra, but the burger couldn’t have tasted better.