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Havasu Landing: Camping on the quiet side of Lake Havasu

Havasu Landing: Camping on the quiet side of Lake Havasu


Yowsa! It’s been over a year since I blogged. We’re still on the road, still living full-time in a tiny home on wheels. We traded in our motorhome for a travel trailer, and we’ve been working like crazy.

Rather than trying to catch up chronologically, I figured I’d start a little more recently. Just over a week ago, we were at Havasu Landing, on the California side of Lake Havasu. We were looking for peace and quiet and a place where we could easily get some kayaking in. Havasu Landing fit the bill perfectly! Mike discovered it, checked it out while I was in Mexico (more on that later), and we moved there after I got back to the U.S.

Havasu Landing is dirt cheap. Well, not as cheap as boondocking, but cheap for full hookups. We stayed a month, and it was only $299. Our electric came out to $80. We had a nice shady spot (highly recommend 610!), which helped keep our electric expenditure down. We were thoughtful about using our A/C, and of course, the overall temps were cooler during our stay in mid-February to mid-March.

Our spot backed up to a boat launch area where you could park your vehicle or water craft. It’s a wide, sandy stretch, plenty of room for Mike to make me a pair of hearts with the truck!

We kayaked several times and loved it. You can easily paddle from the campground to the casino, where the restaurant is. Tip: Try the fish and chips. It’s outstanding! There’s a marina next to the casino, and a ferry that goes to Lake Havasu in Arizona multiple times a day. It’s free departing from Havasu Landing and $2 to return from Lake Havasu. Once you dock, it’s an easy walk to CVS or Safeway.

At night, burros roam the park, and the air is filled with their brays. There are also coyotes nearby, so watch your dogs.

Another tip: You can reserve a spot here for several months – without having to pay in full or even leave a deposit.

We’re going to back in mid-January next year  and will be staying a couple of months. Can’t wait!

HavasuLanding-Beachjpg HavasuLanding-Burros HavasuLanding-Hearts HavasuLanding-OurCampsite-Back HavasuLanding-OurCampsite-Front HavasuLanding-TheMarina    HavasuLanding-ViewWhenWalkingTheDogs HavasuLanding-ViewWhenWalkingTheDogs2