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Harley-Davidson Museum

Harley-Davidson Museum

The bronze Hill Climber statue in front of the museum weighs 5,000 pounds and stands 16 feet tall.

Once a month, from October through March, Mike teaches at Harley-Davidson‘s service school in Milwaukee, and the class always includes an outing to the H-D Museum.  I got to go this time, and so did Russ, Mike’s friend and new contract employee.  (Mike has more dealerships wanting training than he can accommodate, so he’s brought Russ on to handle the overflow.  Russ has a lot of experience as well as his own business with flexible hours.  So he’s an ideal person to help out.)

The Harley-Davidson museum is, to understate it, very cool.  There’s a lot of interactive stuff, like a build-your-own-bike station.   We got to visit the archives on our tour and see the restoration section where bikes are prepped for posterity.    The museum is packed with more than 450 motorcycles and artifacts, dating back to Serial Number One, the oldest known Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

My favorite part was the screen displaying a digital exploded engine diagram.  Mike liked posing by the WXA side-hack prototype.  With so much to check out, you’ll definitely want to devote several hours.  Not a bad way to spend an afternoon!






Um, stamp out walking? Funny how times change!




This made me want to bling out the motorhome!


Evil Knievel’s bike