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Free Things to Do in Rapid City: Storybook Island

Free Things to Do in Rapid City: Storybook Island


We’ve been in Rapid City since the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Mike was doing some work at the Rally, and then we stayed to make repairs on our travel trailer. (More about that later!) Since our savings have been nearly exhausted with making repairs, we’ve been focused on fun, free things we can do in the area. And thankfully there’s a lot of that in Rapid City . . . especially if you ride the motorcycle to get there!


Storybook Island┬áis a super cool kids park that has a whole bunch of “sets” based on characters and locations found in children’s books. I was bummed to find out that we’d JUST missed their season when we got there (on September 17, 2016). The picnicking area is open all year long, but the theme park is only open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. But I still managed to snap some pics through the chain link fence.

Check it out to get a flavor of this place that’s perfect for the young and the young-at-heart.