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Touring with Project LiveWire: Breakdown in Seligman

Touring with Project LiveWire: Breakdown in Seligman


The drive to Kingman should have been an easy one, and it was…until we unloaded bikes at the Shell Station in Seligman, Arizona. As the lift gate was coming down, there was a pop, and the right side of it drooped. Oops! It’s not really surprising that something like this happened. That lift gate is going up and down three or four times a day right now, and I’m not sure it was built for that kind of use. ¬†On the plus side, we had already exchanged the bikes for the execs, so they’d gone on their way. And we were in a truck stop, off the highway.

As Mike and John tried to figure out what was wrong, they discovered that John had inadvertently parked the semi next to poop…human poop! With toilet paper and everything! Ewwwww!! So, as they were working on the lift gate issue, the smell of poop was everywhere, and it only got stronger as the temps rose. Blech! I felt particularly lucky to be doing my freelance work inside the RV that day.

Eventually, the guys determined that they didn’t have the equipment to fix the gate, so a repairman was called out. While we were waiting, bikers came in and out of the truck stop and posed for pictures with the semi and the bike. When a group of 20 French bikers showed up, I used my French to let them know it was okay to sit on the bike and take photos.

Once the repairman arrived, he had the gate problem taken care of in just a few minutes, and the guys were quickly loading the bikes back into the rig. Aside from the poop, the truck stop wasn’t too bad. It had a well-stocked convenience store along with fuel pumps and a shop filled with Indian crafts. The stuff outside was pretty, but I didn’t dare venture inside to check it out. There’s no room for more trinkets in here!