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The one thing you MUST have for your RV

The one thing you MUST have for your RV


It’s a bird! It’s a plane!  No, it’s the latest and greatest in must-have RV accessories.  It’s the Purr-alator!


This cuddly contraption is a three-in-one motorhoming godsend.  It warms your seat as it quiets annoying road noise with a soft, steady purr – all while gently removing grime and grit with an exfoliating wash.  Don’t head out on the road until you have your very own Purr-alator!

Ours is the ‘Charlie’ model.  It was a highly successful, one-of-a-kind prototype that’s no longer available, but not to worry!  You can pick up an equally efficient version, in a range of color choices, at the local purveyor of repurposed pets.

Easy to maintain with a high return on investment, no motorhome should be without one!  Take good care of your Purr-alator, and it will last for over two decades like ours has.  Pick up a Purr-alator today for a lifetime of whiskered wellbeing!


A man and his dogs

A man and his dogs


Traveling in a hallway on wheels with two energetic dogs and an elderly but spry cat has its challenges.  Meeko, our lover boy, barks at every little noise and has a trash monkey on his back.  Sadie is adorable and smells liked baked goods, but she’s a neurotic mess.  Charlie has been with me for almost 23 years, and he loves getting on the counter into anything and everything he finds…and then throwing it all up.

But, in moments like this, when the bark babies are cuddled up in their daddy’s arms, we wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.