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The Great Tomato Massacre

The Great Tomato Massacre


RVs are called “rolling earthquakes” for a reason.  The vibration and swaying wreak havoc with things like door latches and pictures and knick-knacks that aren’t properly secured.

Even when you think you’ve successfully battened down the hatches, there are still things you didn’t count on.  Like the swing of an overstuffed mesh produce basket and its proximity to the kitchen wall.  Piles of fresh, juicy tomatoes do not fare well in a situation like that.   Two words: Produce. Bloodbath.

The basket was easy enough to take down and wash.  The wall, however, was more problematic.  I am still finding tomato seeds encrusted in unwelcome places.

Lesson learned.

Veg-tastic road food

Veg-tastic road food


Looking for an alternative to salads to meet your veggie quotient on the road?

Subway restaurants, which are frequently co-located with RV-friendly Pilot Travel Centers, offer personal cheese pizzas with your choice of veggies.  Add tomatoes, red onion, green peppers, even spinach. Save half for later, and it’s only 370 calories.

Who says road food is bad food?